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Experienced Tutor

Mr. Vijay Adarsh is an expert tutor with 45,000+ Hours of Teaching Experience.

In-depth Lectures

Step by Step Video Tutorials in Hindi-English combination for CBSE Class 12 Commerce.

Assignments & Tests

Practical Assignments after each chapter; along with Test Papers to track your progress.

Freedom from
Boring Lectures

Forget about stereo-type classroom lectures. We give you flexibility to study at your own convenience at any given time, at any place maintaining the continuity of concepts from school to home. You just need a 3G or High Speed Wifi Connection and tutor is always available for you.

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Education with Amazing Technology

We empower and educate our students with easy to use; yet powerful android app with amazing technology.

We follows 3 simple steps to teach students. First, Study through step by step conceptual clarity for practical as well as theoretical subjects. Second, do home fun i.e. do Practice for practical subject or learn for theoretical subject and ask doubts. Third, Practice through practice sets and assignments.

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CBSE Class 12 App

We've created amazing features

Video Tutorials

Step by Step Video Tutorials for CBSE Class 11th and 12th Subjects (Accountancy, Maths and Economics)


Practice is the key to success. We provide practice Assignments for each and every chapter.

Hand Written Notes

Forget about writing down notes from your boring classroom lectures. We've written everything for you.

CBSE Board Papers

We have included Past Year CBSE Board Papers with Solutions as well as Test Papers for all chapters.

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